My name is Sara López. I was born in 1992 in the sunny Spanish island of Tenerife. And art is my passion.

I studied guitar at the Music Conservatoire of Tenerife. I then studied Music Composition at the Musikhochschule Freiburg University, in Germany, and I did my Master's Degree in Music Composition for Audiovisual Media at the ESMUC ( Escola Superior de Musica de Cataluña ). My life has always been guided by my passion for music, with more than 10 awards and 40 concerts behind me. Whether it would be singing, interpreting, playing or composing, I always knew that music was going to be my home.

However, although I have always understood that music is my life, over time I discovered a hobby that became a passion and is now my job aswell: photography.  I've always enjoyed photography, whether it was by doing self-portraits or taking pictures just for fun. As time went by, I realized that I really loved it, almost as much as music, and I became a professional. My project "Tomitotoro Productions", which my partner and I run, and which focuses on photography and videography for Cosplay, prompted me to make photography and videography my profession.

Added to the fact that in January 2018 I made the trip of my life and went alone to Japan for 16 days, I discovered that I am passionate about cinematographic documentation. And so I have been working for almost a year and a half for Turismo de Tenerife, Tenerife's offical Tourism Entity, making cinematographic videos for their social networks.

Mis partituras para la Orquesta Sinfónica de Bratislava // My scores for the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra

Some of my musical projects

Apocalipsis Voodoo

Apocalipsis Voodoo

Film's Original Soundtrack

This funny, shameless and fresh film is a 100% canarian production by the director Vasni Ramos. I wrote the soundtrack for this film in 2018 and we won the prize for best soundtrack in the International Week of Fantastic Cinema on Costa del Sol.

Apocalipsis Voodoo


Teaser's Original Soundtrack

Cándido Pérez de Arma's fantasy project, Anima, is a beautiful piece of art. He made a teaser to advertise his project and I was lucky enough to be able to make the original music. For more inri, I had the incredible opportunity to record that soundtrack with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.

Apocalipsis Voodoo


Shortfilm's Original Soundtrack

The amazing and super talented photographer, Rebeca Saray, is venturing into the world of video and cinema, making beautiful and pristine works. I made the soundtrack for his short film, a black comedy film that will make you suffer and laugh at the same time.

Some of my clients

All around the globe

"Don't believe me, just watch"

  • "To define Sara as a professional I must first talk about Sara as an individual. She is, first and foremost, a person and she makes you feel that way when she works with you. In that moment, the work is in the "background" and you realize that with her there is no "work", there is a team. “

  • "When I started working with Sara the first thing I felt was her energy, involvement, creativity and enthusiasm. She quickly puts forward new ideas, solutions to difficulties, encourages you and shows all her professionalism from a comfortable and close relationship with you."

  • "In her work she has demonstrated a high level of initiative, dedication and professionalism, as well as a high level of creativity. His integrity of character, commitment and motivation to work in a team is evident."

  • "Sara has demonstrated a high level of initiative and creativity and is a dedicated and professional worker, committed to helping and improving the work environment."

  • "Sara is a brave person with her own values and ideals, with great initiative, very creative and committed to her work. Flexible, she has the capacity for leadership and teamwork as well as listening and customer service."

  • "Sara is a creative, alert, detail-working, proactive professional. In audiovisual production, Sara not only dominates the technique of audiovisual language, but also stands out for the storytelling she does in the integration of images and music. "

  • "Sara Lopez to me has been quite a discovery. The living proof that talent, passion and professionalism can go hand in hand in one person. A real badass capable of adapting to any style and offer works of a very high level that end up exceeding expectations and increasing the quality of the final result. It is clear that she has become, by her own merits, our leading composer."